MAC Cosmetics & CHI Haircare for the 65th Miss Universe Pageant!

You have probably heard of this gossip before but the 65th Miss Universe pageant will indeed feature an all Filipino team of makeup artists and the continued sponsorship of CHI!

Yes folks! It’s an all-Filipino cast for the makeup team via MAC Cosmetics, and this is not a surprise as MAC has previously sponsored the pageant in 2012. And guess what the candidates will be receiving a “MAC Miss Universe Kit” which will be comprising of products specially selected for the pageant!
Making a return is CHI Haircare with their Illuminate line for Miss Universe. While it is not yet confirmed, some sources have told us that they may fly in a team of their best hairstylist for the pageant to head a local group of Filipino hairstylists. This would augment their US-based team to cover all 80+ delegates of the pageant.

While I am most excited with having an all-Filipino team with MAC cosmetics, I am more curious if will CHI be giving out CHI products like they did in Doral last Miss Universe 2014?


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