The Schedule of the 65th Miss Universe Events

By now a lot of people are asking me about news on the scheduled events of the Miss Universe pageant in Manila. In honesty, I still am waiting for official updates like everyone else (although I already have some confirmed dates from the Department of Tourism). But in order to help those who are hoping to book their vacations, I have come up a ‘speculated’ schedule of the pageant. Having covered previous editions, I am only basing this on previous patterns and sequences. This is by no means an official schedule but rather a possibility.
So if the Miss Universe final night is on the January 30th morning (Manila time), we can put the preliminaries at January 26th since the prelims is usually held 4-5 day before the finals. This gives adequate time to do rehearsals with each girl having a turn in the semis at practice. Right after the prelims, the National Costume Show and video filming usually happens but that might not be the case this year as it may be stretched into a separate event like it did in 1994. So we can speculate that the natcos show may happen somewhere between the ancillary events in different provinces and the prelims. These ancillary events are said to happen around 16th-20th. Several reports have confirmed the following:
* around 20 candidates will be in Vigan for the Philippine terno shoot on the 15th
* all candidates will be in Jpark Resort in Cebu on the 17th for the swimsuit presentation
* several candidates will be visiting Baguio and Albay on the 18th
* several candidates to be in Batangas and Davao/ Cagayan de Oro on the 19th.
If the national gift auction will happen in the coming edition, then it might happen after the ancillary events in the provinces and will be happening on January 23rd as per DOT Sec Wanda Teo. Usually the press junket also happens several days before the prelims, usually 3-4 days prior. Candidate arrivals are usually three weeks before the finals, and we could guess that arrivals may happen between the dates of January 12th to the 14th.


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