A Final Message to Close the Miss World 2016

At first I thought I should be livid but then it came to me what Miss World 3rd Princess Catriona Gray posted in her Miss World Philippines page: Focus on what you love and not bash those things you hate. And then it dawned on me that Catriona would not want me or the rest of her fans spew vitriol over what happened.

I will not ask the fans not to feel angry or find ways to vent it out, rather I encourage you to sought proper dialogue. I will not ask for you to follow or un-follow the Miss World social media as you are free to do what your heart tells you to do but rather I encourage you to follow your conscience. I will not ask you to move on now as every heartbreak follows its own healing process but I will encourage you to start picking up the broken pieces.
So instead this post if going to be one of gratitude… Gratitude that despite seemingly insurmountable hardships, the Filipino pageant fans rallied behind Catriona in Mobstar to face being ganged up on by other countries. Thankful that despite that, we still saw Cat placing 2nd in Talent and win the Multimedia award. Gratitude that despite having no Filipino at the judging table, Catriona emerged victorious on her merits…that she fought hard not just to win the crown but for the Filipinos she represents. Gratitude that we, the Filipino people, was represented by a magnificent individual in the person of Catriona. Her heart and her grace was for the Filipino people and would have been a great torch of light to the rest of the world. Gratitude in multitudes of people who cried, felt robbed, gotten angry and inconsolable due to the mind-boggling results… because you showed your humanity and that you are still after all human. Gratitude with this heartbreak because it brought the Filipino fans closer together. And where there is numbers, there is strength. Gratitude to the Miss World pageant for showing what we are worth to you.
In the end my message to our fellow Filipinos, and most especially to our beloved Catriona is this: You are a Filipino and you know your worth, remember your worth. We do not get defined by a title that is not meant for us… because what we do is We Define the title that is destined to us, even if it’s just for a year. We make the crown worthy of us by creating a lasting value for the crown  in this world… You made us proud Catriona, you made us proud.


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