Spotlight on Miss World Korea, Miriam Hyun Wang

If there is one girl that I believe should be given a special attention to by Miss World pageant fans, it would be Korea’s Miriam Hyun Wang.

Not only is this lady blessed with celebrity good looks and porcelain doll skin, I believe that she also could be a darkhorse in the pageant that might pull a surprise placement against heavily favored ladies. Miriam, who at times can be mistaken for a Kpop celebrity, was named Miss World Korea for 2015. She was crowned last December of 2015 and now finds herself competing again in December for the turquoise crown. If you look at her Miss World profile video, you can see that she speaks English fluently which is an advantage for her in the pageant. Miriam is a 21-year old student at the University of Southern California and represented the Korean community of the United States in Miss Korea World. Not only that, she also has a strong Beauty with a Purpose project that can absolutely be a potential contender in the pageant.

I have a strong feeling that she can make it into the semis of Miss World this year and I hope that she does get the support from other fans as well.
Below are videos of her BWAP taken from her Instagram account.


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