Miss World Spotlight: Ntandoyenkosi & Thata

If you were to ask me on the two strongest girls from Africa this year, I would say Ntandoyenkosi Kunene of South Africa and Botswana’s Thata Kenosi.
I have read and seen much photographs and videos of these two girls to say that they have the gift of the gab and they post really interesting backgrounds. Both girls are multi-lingual and have amazing voices. Miss World Botswana is a diplomat’s daughter with Thata having knowledge of Japanese culture and language having lived in Japan for a cumulative 10 years. Ntando, who can sing amazingly as evidenced in her Miss World talent auditions, grew in an impoverished part of South Africa who never allowed her status to get in the way to an education and poverty.

If you haven’t seen and watched the Facebook Live and the profile videos of the two ladies, I encourage you to do so and get to know more about them. I have a soft spot for women who are highly intelligent and great conversationalist and these two seem fit perfectly in those criterias. There is more than what meets the eye when it comes to these two ladies and that is what we should look at: beauty beyond skin deep.



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