Catriona Gray: On Top of the World!

Look who’s on top of the prediction list!

Miss World Philippines Catriona Gray is currently enjoying her position in most of the latest prediction list from different pageant portals. After the news of her making into the top 10 of the talent auditions, she immediately shot up into the list of most pageant watchers. But what nailed her lead was the Miss World Facebook live video with Frankie Cena, where she definitely proved her merit. In that video, she showed everyone that she can hold herself against other candidates in the interviews without being overbearing or looking lost and intimidated. 
That was not a surprise, specially to this blogger. You see I was asked to come up with interview questions to ask of her for an exclusive 2-part interview. And I even had to ask the Sash Factor heads if I am allowed to ask really difficult questions for this interview, as anything less would be an insult to her capabilities as a cerebral speaker. And trust me, I really threw in hard questions that could cause mental blocks for any lesser woman. But lo and behold, Catriona was able to really stand her ground on the tough questions we threw her way… proving what we knew from the very beginning: that she is perhaps the one to bring home the sapphire and turquoise crown the second time around to the Philippines.

It is perhaps a treat if we are able to watch the indoor interviews in Miss World, as that is where the wheat is separated from the chaff. As a pageant observer, I would be so much delighted to observe that process… It is a wish that I have to see, even just an observer, how that process goes and more so when a strong and deserving lady is on the panel. 


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