A Styling Intervention for Diana Croce

Is Diana Croce, Miss World Venezuela, a victim of bad styling?

Looking at photos of the 19 year old Venezuelan beauty queen in the Miss World competition, she looks a bit matronly in terms of styling. Like her youthful vibe is lost. Osmel Sousa’s team has to address this because her styling looks dated. If I may point out, her styling looks to like it is being patterned from Miss World 1995 Jacqueline Aguilera Marcano…. which was good  back in the 90’s.

If I may suggest, Diana has to let go of the red lipstick as it does not go well with her innocent looking face. I would go for nudes and lots of lip gloss if her styling were up to me and let go of the large ‘Miss Venezuela’ hair. She is competing for Miss World so she has to adapt to what the pageant is looking for in a winner.

I have hopes that Diana would break the 4 year non-placement of Venezuela in the London-based pageant. It would be a waste if she does not perform well in the competition.


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