PhotoCollage of the Day: Nguyen Le Nam Em

One of the common complaints pageant fans have of beauty queens post international competition is that they look much better… that they bloomed after their stint…

That is the case with Miss Earth Vietnam Nguyen Le Nam Em who looks marvelous in these recent pics of her walking the runways in her come country. She looks more beautiful nowadays. “Why is that?” you might ask. It has to do with confidence gained after the competition. Le Nam Em has placed the highest so far among her fellow Vietnamese queens in any of the 4 Alpha pageants in recent years. If that is not a confidence booster then, we don’t know that is. 

Pageant pundits credit her mistranslated question as the culprit to her Top 8 finish in Miss Earth. I personally believe that had she been able to get it right, she could have been the sole Asian in the Latina dominated elemental court. Her porcelain doll features could be a breath of fresh air among the elemental court as evidenced now by her latest photos.

So for now, let’s just revel at her accomplishment and enjoy these lovely photos… 


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