Chalita Suansane: Getting the Attention of the MUOrg

Time to set your eyes on Miss Universe Thailand, Chalita Suansane!

Look who visited the 5’7” stunner in Bangkok? It’s none other than the official photographers and videographers from the Miss Universe organization! Proving only that this lady is under the radar of the MUOrg which I have been trying to tell everyone since her coronation.
Chalita was seen videographed eating Bangkok streetfood, visiting temple for prayer and being interviewed for what would look to be footage to be used in the Miss Universe telecast. Several photos were also released in the Miss Universe Thailand Facebook page of the behind-the-scenes going-ins of the video-shoot.

The lovely Thai, who is nicknamed Namtan, will be one of the estimated 90+ girls coming to Manila for the 65th Miss Universe pageant. I have said this before, we all better watch out for this lady as she will be a contender come MU season starts…


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