Deshauna Barber is Going to be the Most Politically Charged Candidate in MU

Fresh from the earth-shattering results of the recent US Presidential elections, we are predicting that come Miss Universe in Manila, Miss USA Deshauna Barber is going to be the most politically charged candidate.

We all know that the Miss Universe top 5 questions are preselected by the organization to suit the candidate and her country, should Deshauna make it thus far here are the 5 topics that can be asked of her:
1. The recent US Presidential results has been dubbed as the #WhiteLash results of decades of neglect on the middle Americans. Deshauna might be asked on what it means for people of color to be in that current volatile state in the US socio-political wise.
2. Donald Trump used to own the Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe pageants. Would she be open to work under the President-elect if the organization is re-acquired by the businessman?
3. After the revelation that Donald Trump had won the election, the Immigration website of Canada has crashed due to numerous inquiries. Would she deem patriotic to stay in her country if the situation comes worse (in terms of racial discrimination, immigration issues, the misogynistic attitudes against women or even the discrimination against Asians and Muslims in the US) or would she support those that would seek better treatment in a more peaceful Canada?
4. With Donald Trump’s public image being misogynistic, anti-LGBT and isolationist in his policies and yet still become USA’s next President, how would she react to clamor among American citizens to change the elections of her country from electoral votes to popular votes?
5. Recent talks about California exiting the United States has been spread around in social media and is dubbed the #CalExit. Will she be in favor in California becoming an independent country in 2019? What would be her position on this issue?

Deshaune is arguably one of the most well-spoken Miss USA winner to date. Should she be able to navigate this Q&A landmine, we might just see another African-American woman from the US winning the MU title since Chelsi Smith…


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