LASALA for Miss Universe Sierra Leone 2016

Helping out pageant hopefuls and other aficionados have always been one of the sources of good karma for Sashes&Scripts, so when a personal friend like Jian Lasala would ask for help we take action.

Designer Jian Lasala is a long time friend since my days at the Philippine Fashion Week. I have rallied behind him and his pageant bets: Jennifer Hammond, Vinie Camille DyQuianco and now Hawa Kamara, Miss Universe Sierra Leone. Here is a message for everyone to contribute and help:
Just as Sierra Leone will make history at the Miss Universe Pageant in Manila January next year, yours truly as the official evening gown designer for Miss Sierra Leone Hawa Kamara will likewise celebrate this milestone with them as well. Before everyone gets busy, I would like to personally thank the Ministry of Tourism, Sierra Leone for helping yours truly to get in touch with the Miss Sierra Leone Organization, to the National Director Natasha Beckley for your generosity in giving me this opportunity and making this endeavor possible and to Miss Hawa Kamara for your kindness in connecting yours truly to the national director. Lastly, I would also like to thank the Filipino designers, makeup artists and stylists who are willing to donate and sponsor and help Miss Sierra Leone in this endeavor. I will contact everyone really soon.
However, they still need your monetary help by donating and your contribution will go a long way in making Sierra Leone’s dream happen to make history at Miss Universe. You may go to Miss Hawa Kamara’s GoFundMe Page by clicking on this link below.
God bless everyone and thank you! Mabuhay!

I hope that everyone who is willing to help can go to her GoFundMe page and donate. Any amount would be of a great help and would likely be source of good karma…


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