Olivia Jordan as Miss Universe Co-Host? Why Not!

Would you be thrilled to have the ever lovable Olivia Jordan co-host the 65th Miss Universe pageant with Steve Harvey?

In a social media post, the former Miss USA 2015 and Miss Universe 2nd Runner up said in a jest that she would be open to co-host with Steve Harvey. This is what she said exactly:
Beyond thrilled that the news is finally official!!!! Can’t wait for #MissUniverse to be in the #Philippines ✨ 🙌🏼 💕 So happy for @piawurtzbach that she will be home to pass her crown to the next lucky winner!!!! Praying that I will be there 🙏🏼anyone else think #SteveHarvey could use a co-host that would triple check that card?!?! 😉 🙋🏼 🙋🏼 🙋🏼#missuniverse2017 #cohost #goals

Wouldn’t it be exciting for her to co-host the pageant? If she does, one thing is for certain, the pageant would not make any blunders on the announcing of winners with her to triple check the results… After all, Olivia seems to bring good luck to our reps in international pageants.


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