Thoughts on Imelda Schweighart’s Latest Controversy

When the video of reigning Miss Philippines Earth Imelda Schweighart surfaced calling out the new Miss Earth Katherine Espin ‘fake’, I thought she crossed the line.

Despite having multiple controversies since her coronation to the Miss Earth 2016 competition proper, I believed she still deserved the respect afforded being a bearer of the Philippine sash. However her latest antics have shown behavior unbecoming of a beauty queen… a far cry from her predecessor Angelia Ong who was the epitome of decorum and grace. Imelda’s fans or otherwise may agree or disagree with me, but in the pageant world, be it a humble baranggay competition or a grandiose Miss Universe, Schweighart’s conduct, by any standard, is the last thing that you would expect from a national title holder.
I understand if most pageant fans would withdraw their support for the beauty queen… with her latest controversy I believe that Imelda is not the best representation of the Filipino people. This is not the best that the Philippines can offer to the Earth, perhaps I was right to have supported back then Kiara Giel Gregorio or Melanie Mader as the better woman for the Miss Philippines Earth title. I hope that in time Imelda would find maturity and enlightenment, so that she could show that beneath the beautiful face, there lays a pure and beautiful heart.


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