Congratulations Angelia Ong!

This is a shoutout post for reigning Miss Earth Angelia Ong, who will be turning over her crown tonight. The lovely Eco-Warrior queen graduates today with a degree in Marketing Management (Bachelor of Business Administration) in De La Salle College of St. Benilde.
She also posted this message on her new website:
This day marks the beginning of a new phase of my life. I do not exactly know what to expect but I would dedicate the coming years to further my career and personality. It won’t be easy but I am excited for what the future holds. Just like everyone else, I’m scared too. I’m scared of the uncertainty as the 2 most certain things in my life, I’m about to let go. But that’s just life, and it’s full of adventures. More than being scared, I am more excited. I’m excited to what my next endeavor will be and I’m now ready and equipped for my next adventure as long as I have faith and as long as I have God who I owe everything to.
Join me as I turn a new page in my career and personal life. Together, let’s dream big and work our way to get there!

Check out her newly launched website at


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