My Favorites for Miss Earth 2016

If I were to become a judge for the Miss Earth pageant here is how I would place the ladies in my list.

Miss Earth 2016: Klaudia Parsberg of Denmark – drop dead gorgeous and smart, she reminds me of Tereza Faijksova and Catharina Svensson rolled into one. She will definitely make a mark in the ‘no-makeup’ rounds of the competition as well as the closed door interview. She has an unassuming beauty that would work wonders for the organization.
Miss Air: Michelle Gomez of Colombia – Allison Harvard is that you? This brunette bombshell is possibly one of the strongest girls from South America. My instinct tells me that she is a major crown spoiler and could battle it out for the title with the 4 girls in this top list.
Miss Water: Grace Wanene of Kenya – yes my African queen and I believe to be a major player come closed-door interviews. She is the strongest lady from Africa this year and I would be shocked not to see her advance into the semis. Grace is poised to make an upset victory over the favorites in the competition.
Miss Fire: Stephanie de Zorzi of Venezuela – a redhead for the Fire title? Had she joined in 2013, this would have a walk in the park for her. Now she faces tough competition among a bevy of strong beauties, nevertheless Stephanie is a threat to the crown. Do I see her as the next Miss Earth, yes I do, and all she needs to do is play her cards well.

Yes, my crown-favorites are a bit more diverse and eccentric than usual and why shouldn’t it be? After all we have to remember that the Miss Earth pageant loves to give recognition to “non-sash factor countries”. Plus attitude and a pleasing personality is quite important to the organization in order to continue the hard work made by the reigning Miss Earth, Angelia Ong.

Possible Elemental queen spoilers and completing my 8 favorites are:
My WildCard Pick: Cloie Skarne of Sweden – sweet and easy on the eyes, Cloie has flown pretty much under the radar. But don’t underestimate her chances of winning as Cloie has the smarts to make it at least as an elemental queen.
Nguyen Thi Le Nam Em of Vietnam – this Asian charmer is lovely to behold. It would be refreshing to see an unassuming but energetic girl making it into the top of the list.
Alexandra Cherepanova of Russia – fresh faced and absolutely pretty, it would impossible if she fails the ‘no-makeup round’. While her interview skills are still yet to be gauged, she can easily make the winners circle on beauty alone.
Corrin Stellakis of the United States – this girl is a monster when she is given the mic. The multi-cultural Corrin can out-converse any girl in the competition and I would not be surprised to see her do well. The US has been doing quite well in the past several years of the pageant and this year is no exception.


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