Televen Vs Venevision: Who gets the Miss World Franchise?

Rumor Mill!!! Well two conflicting rumors actually and they are circulating over the web on the Miss World franchise in Venezuela.

According to El Nacional, Televen will be broadcasting the Nuestra Belleza Venezuela pageant that is reportedly going to select the Venezuelan Rep to Miss World in December. The report reads:
Televen will be responsible for choosing the representative of Venezuela in the Miss World 2016, so it will broadcast the contest Nuestra Belleza Venezuela from this year.
The information was released by entertainment journalist Orlando Suarez in the program Sabado en La Noche , broadcast by Globovision, and to date has not been confirmed or denied by the channel. Nor has there been any statement from the Miss Venezuela Organization, in charge until last to choose the candidate for the Miss World this year.

But another rumor is circling over social media that Miss Venezuela 1st runner up, Diana Croce, was handpicked by the organization to compete in Miss World in Washington. It is said that she is currently preparing for the pageant and is undergoing training.
It is not yet sure whether either these claims are true but we all await in bated breath on who gets to be sent to Miss World. After all an international pageant isn’t complete without a Miss Venezuela.



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