Anea Garcia Shows Support for Arna Yr, Gets Bashed in Return

Anea Garcia, the original winner of Miss Grand International 2015 (replaced after her resignation) posted a message of support for Arna Yr after getting fat-shamed by the pageant’s owner.

Here is her message:
She’s gorgeous, right? From woman to woman, thank you for standing up to a pageant that doesn’t accept,respect, or understand diversity. I’m sure that you’re not alone in what you experienced this year in Las Vegas. Last year, I wasn’t the only one who was called out in front of 70+ contestants for “imperfections,” and try to say that the contestants were asking for advice. This isn’t advice, that is shamelessly embarrassing women who have worked hard to be where they are. I think it’s so important to love yourself for who you are! Arna, you do that & more! You are an example to follow. You are such a beautiful soul that it breaks my heart to hear that anyone would try to bring you down. Unfortunately, there are individuals out there who simply see the world so narrowly but you didn’t let that stop you. Keep on taking on the world! Take care of yourself lovely đź’–đź’– #missgrandinternational #missgrandiceland #missgrandinternational2016 #missgrandiceland2016

However a number of the pageant’s supporters retaliated and has since then called her a ‘hypocrite’ and a ‘fake person’. Her latest IG post responds to that and has announced to be leaving Instagram after all the negativity.


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