Klaudia & Grace: ME2016 Darkhorses from “Non-Sash Factor” Countries

I am officially in love with these two lovely ladies of Miss Earth 2016! Grace has the rare quality of you wanting her to win despite being an underdog in the competition. Klaudia on the other hand can win you over with her sincerity and warmth. 

The Miss Earth pageant has traditionally been crowning “non-sash factor” countries in its colorful 15 year history. So I am quite pleased to see that these two ladies doing well so far in the competition. Each of these two represent two distinct types of beauty, an ebony goddess and a blonde stunner. Both of which I haven’t seen winning in ME for quite sometime now. Let’s forget the sash they are wearing and how ‘strong sash factor’ bears an effect on fans, if we assess these two on merits alone, they could easily be the next winners of the pageant. And why not, so far as we have seen on their performance, they truly deserve to win.

Forget the medal tally, forget the fan-hype… at the end of the day it is the beauty of heart and the willingness to do the dirty job that wins the title of Miss Earth. Will these two be the top girls in the competition? Well I would gladly hope to see them among the four ladies to be crowned on October 29th…


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