Miss Earth Denmark Klaudia Parsberg #FunFacts

Here are some #FunFacts on Miss Earth Denmark, Klaudia Parsberg…

* She is not the original delegate from her country, as Alexandria Eissinger passed on the chance to compete. Aren’t we all glad that Klaudia gets to come to Manila to vie for the title instead?
* She says that her most used game app on her phone is Pokemon Go! She revealed this during the Sash Factor live session.
* She has a thing for Teddy Bears and her first teddy bear is named Smukke by her friends which is also named Skattepige by her mom. In fact she was given two more gifts on the airport and has the stuffed toys in Manila. By the way, her Smukke was given to her on the day she was born and will be coming to Manila too!

* She is very knowledgeable of the ecological/ environmental issues which she elaborated in the Sash Factor live session. She talked about wind energy as a good renewable energy resource for both her country and the Philippines, how Denmark reversed straightening water streams to allow nutrients to be absorbed naturally by surrounding flora, how nitrites and nitrates affect human cellular division, etc…

* She has a lovely dog called Bea, clearly an animal lover aside from being a nature lover.
* She is dating someone, so she is off limits guys… ^_^


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