Kylie Verzosa: Effortlessly Making Strides in MI

Kylie Verzosa seems to be doing well in Japan as expected.

If social media is an indication, she is never out of photos in the Miss International social media, which is a fair gauge that she is well liked. Looking at her progress in the competition, she is never out of the limelight without being over-aggressive. This seems to be a good strategy for her as she gets more than her fair share of publicity. Judging by group shots during tv shows and other public appearances, she may not be front and center all the time but she is always at the front. Her social media posts are always very apt and well-thought of as well, which shows careful consideration on her part. She never appears un-made or overdressed/ underdressed in her public appearances showing great discipline and style. There is no need for her to make unnecessary noise or hype and let her actions and performance speak for itself.

For now Kylie is coasting well along the competition and she is delivering at the points where it matters most.


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