Sashes&Scripts Miss International 1st Leaderboard

I’ve decided to do some shake up on The Sashes&Scripts Leaderboard for the Miss International pageant. To give some idea on the girls’ performance, we have ranked them into groups of four and listed them alphabetically.

The Alphas:
Indonesia – Felice Hwang
Philippines – Kylie Verzosa
Poland – Magdalena Bienkowska
United Kingdom – Romy Simpkins
The Betas:
Mexico – Geraldine Ponce
Sweden – Maria Taipaleenmaki
USA – Kaitryana Leinbach
Venezuela – Jessica Duarte

Still in the running:
Colombia – Daniela Herrera
Japan – Junna Yamagata
Sierra Leone – Maseray Zelda Swarray
Vietnam – Pham Ngoc Phuong Linh
Under the radar:
Costa Rica – Raquel Guevara
Panama – Daniela Ochoa
Puerto Rico – Gabriela Berrios
Thailand – Pattiya Pongthai


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