Miss Earth Denmark, Klaudia Parsberg

DENMARK – Klaudia Parsberg
Age: 25
Height: 175 cm
Measurements: 78 cm – 60 cm – 86 cm
Hometown: Vejle
Profession: Psychology Student

My Hair Recommendation: I would love to have her keep her hair in a high ponytail or have her hair long and straight. A clean bun could also work. By making less fuss on her hair the attention goes to her lovely face.
My Makeup Recommendation: Keep the focus on the eyes with nude glossy lips. Klaudia’s best facial features are her eyes and cheekbones. I strongly suggest for her not to wear red lipsticks as it ages her by 5 years… and smile more often, the fierce look doesn’t work much in Miss Earth.
My Assessment: Possible Miss Earth or elemental placement on sheer looks alone, but she has to show that she WANTS to be Miss Earth bad. She may have one of the best faces in the competition this year but it will not do her much if she doesn’t show how she is willing to work hard to get the title. It’s been a while since a Scandinavian won the title and I think its time for Europe to bring it back home again.

PS., moisturize as the humidity in the Philippines might not agree with her Scandinavian skin. The heat can be brutal in a tropical country like the Philippines.


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