IMG/ MUOrg to Franchise Holders: No to Simultaneous Queens

Another major game-changer is said to take effect immediately this year…

The MUOrg  and IMG are said to have informed the owners of the national franchises not to have two simultaneous national titleholders in the same calendar year. If this happens, one will not be able to attend Miss Universe. *This is the reason why the Señorita Colombia is being postponed from this November to March of 2017. In a news report by Las Noticias Cartagena, 
Raimundo Angulo, president of the National Beauty Contest (Señorita Colombia), confirms that the changes reflect “the new guidelines for sending the representative of our country at Miss Universe Pageant.” Specifically, IMG, does not allow two national queens to exist simultaneously.
And with the stipulation that only a crowned queen (runners up are not allowed to compete unless the main winner is dethroned) is to be able to compete, it puts into shade the possible participation of entries that were crowned last year. The possibility that girls crowned prior to the year they are to compete in Miss Universe may not be allowed supposedly to join.

This would place the pageant participation of Mariam Habach in jeopardy as Keysi Sayago would automatically be the lady sent to compete for Miss Universe come January 2017, if this is indeed effective immediately. We are hoping for more updates on this matter as this news develops. 




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