Once Upon a Blind Item: The Legend of the Bitter Gourd

Once upon a time, there was handsome king whose magic hands would turn any food he touches into delectable and succulent feasts. In his possession are four magic stones: a diamond that could bring light to any dark corner of the cosmos, a sapphire that that would bring good fortune and karma to those who are of pure of heart, an emerald that would make flowers, plants and fruits grow even on barren land, and a shiny pearl that would bring love and peace to the world. With immense power comes with great responsibility and the prince enjoyed such power over his dominion. And with time the once loving king became drunk in his power. His feasts became an extravagance of excess with the help of the four stones.

These four stones, however, have minds of their own… they go to wherever to those who are the most deserving of their gifts. One night, while the king was sleeping, the emerald gem chose to depart with the prince after being neglected and flew to the skies with lady who was born in the land of falcons. The falcon princess once crossed paths with the king and upon learning that the king got mad. Furious that he lost the gem, he spat bitter words that he never believed that the stone was in the same powers as those of the other three…that it was not a loss.

But it did not end there; quietly the sapphire gem flung itself into the arms of a brown-skinned princess who grew up alone in a forest relying on the help of her woodland friends. Leaving only the diamond and the pearl in his possession. Embittered with the turn of events, the once glorious king sulked and retreated to himself. In each passing day the king got older, weaker and more wrinkled, until one day the palace guards could no longer find him in the palace. All they could find was a green vine with a wrinkled looking fruit crawling on the king’s bedposts. Upon tasting the vegetable’s fruit it was bitter to taste and so became the first bitter gourd…

* The preceding story is a work of fiction and does not represent factual and actual people/s, and/or event/s. Any similarities to real life people or events are purely coincidental. This is purely a work of the blogger’s overactive imagination…


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