Miss France Org Chooses its Reps to MU & MW

Miss France organization has made a decision on international competitions for its winners. Iris Mittenaere, Miss France 2016, will be participating in the 65th Miss Universe pageant next January following a conflict on the schedules of the Miss France 2017 finals and the Miss World in Washington DC.

Morgane Edvige, Miss France 1st runner, will participate in Miss World on December 18, the day after the finals of the Miss France 2017 as besides Iris cannot participate due to her duties as the outgoing winner… In a press statement Sylvie Tellier, Director Miss France organization, says:
“the organization Miss France is delighted to send these young women the most renowned international competitions. Iris Mittenaere will perfectly embody the values of France at Miss Universe, while Morgane Edvige will be a lavish French ambassador to the Miss World contest. I want them to come back to these adventures, happy, proud of their journey and successful.”  

Iris Mittenaere, Miss France 2016 Miss Universe in January
Miss France wear the colors of his country International competitions of Miss Universe 2016 in January. After Flora Coquerel hoisted successfully to the 4th place of Miss Universe 2015, Iris Mittenaere is prepared with ambition to win this edition the supreme title. “I look forward to try my luck in this unique competition and hope to take the France most far as possible, “she said.

Morgane Edvige Miss World on December 18
This year the Miss World contest will be held December 18, 2016 in Washington (United States), the day after the Miss France 2017 . Morgane Edvige, 1st runner-up Miss France 2016 will have the opportunity to represent France at this prestigious competition.


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