RUMOR MILL: Is the Miss Venezuela Org Going ‘Belly Up’?

Has the financial crisis in Venezuela hit Venevision and the Miss Venezuela organization so hard it had to give up pageant franchise/s?

It has been months that the gossip that the MVOrg no longer holds both the Miss World and the Miss Earth franchises has circulated. The rumor caught fire when Renato Barabino failed to compete in Mister World in the UK, citing financial woes. This fueled further rumors that the MW franchise is no longer under Venevision. Despite statements from the Org refuting such gossips, the rumors wouldn’t just die down. Several months after came the news that the Miss Earth franchise was no longer under the MVOrg.
Despite not having any official announcements, it is rumored that Maydeliana Diaz was being trained to represent Venezuela in the pageant this coming October. Maydeliana was among the runners up in last year’s Miss Venezuela pageant and is supposed to have started training since the beginning of the 3rd quarter of the year. Then came the shocker that the MVOrg canceled their franchise due to late payment of the franchise fee and requested to “have the franchise fee returned”. Gossips abound that this has caused discomfort and embarrassment for the Czar of Beauty pageants. It is said that the Miss Earth org would still welcome Maydeliana as the Venezuelan rep until a new franchise owner is to found. Then we hear that a new owner has acquired the franchise with Miss Earth 2013 Alyz Henrich as the new National Director. The new ownership automatically strips any hope of Maydeliana to compete as Stephanie de Zorzi is re-appointed as the Venezuelan rep to the 16th Edition of ME.

It is still unknown the extent of how the financial crisis in Venezuela will continue to affect the house of Miss Venezuela. All we know for sure is that they are gonna fight to the last breath to keep the only Alpha pageant franchise that we all know they still have, the Miss Universe pageant.


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