Final SashPicks for Miss Venezuela 2016

25 lovely ladies will be vying for the Miss Venezuela title this year, and just like previous years a bumper crop of ladies are going to slug it out for the most coveted national title.

Here are the ladies that I believe to be the frontrunners for the title:
1. Miss Venezuela – Rosangelica Piscitelli, Miranda
2. Keysi Sayago, Monagas
3. Raymar Valbuena, Zulia
4. Diana Croce, Nueva Esparta
5. Antonella Massaro, Vargas
6. Melanie Gerber Jung, Anzoategui
I am at a quandary between Rosangelica and Keysi for the top title. Both ladies have performed spectacularly throughout the competition. I would not be surprised if they might even switch positions come finals. I love the quiet and assured confidence I see on Raymar Valbuena, she looks very high class and nails every photoshoot. The porcelain doll-like features of Diana will be a sure hit for several pageant fans. The 5th and 6th spots are filled in by Antonella and Melanie, both of whom are girls I believe could knock out Raymar or Diana from their spots. That is how good this batch is. Last year, I was able to predict the exact placements of the top three winners, I hope I can replicate that this year.


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