Has Osmel Lost the ME, MW & MI Franchises?

Has Osmel Sousa & Venevision lost the Miss Earth, Miss World and Miss International franchises?

Bringing into surface truth of the gossips that we heard yesterday, former Miss Tierra Venezuela 2013 Stephanie de Zorzi is now competing in Miss Earth. It has been confirmed by the Miss Earth Facebook page that Stephanie de Zorzi will be competing in Manila this October. The olive green-eyed Stephanie stands 5’9” and is now 23 years old. It is said that the ME-Venezuela franchise has been transferred from Venevision to an unnamed businessman who has tasked Miss Earth 2013 Alyz Henrich to train and groom Stephanie for the competition. Stephanie, who was supposed to compete in 2014, was barred by then ND Osmel Sousa from competing for gaining weight weeks before leaving for the international contest.

Add to that is the unending rumor that the Czar of Beauty will not send a Miss World participant this year. Earlier Venezuela failed to send a representative for Mister World in the UK due to the financial crisis it is facing. Adding flame into the fire is the buzz around some latin pageant circles that Jessica Duarte might be the last girl to be sent to Miss International under Venevision. It is yet unclear if the Miss Venezuela 2016 will be crowning a rep to those international pageants.



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