My Miss World Philippines 2016 Favorites

While a number of pageant fans have already presumed that it would be a walk in the park for Catriona Gray to win the Miss World Philippines title, there are three other reasons that she should still bring the best come finals: Arienne Louise Calingo, Sandra Lemonon and Vinie Camille DyQuiangco. I have already mentioned before that they are the four ladies that I feel would battle it out for the MWP title and I am more convinced of that now more than ever.

And what made me think that they are the best in this year’s batch? It’s not just their physical beauty or their credentials and meaty resumes, it is also how they answered a simple question: What is your life ambition?
Arienne Calingo: Since I was 14 or 15 years old, I have dreamt of working for the United Nations. I would like to be an international human rights lawyer for the UN. In the distant future, I aim to serve our country as the Executive Director of the Commission on Higher Education.
Catriona Gray: To strive to not only better myself but to also positively impact others, while empowering others to do the same.
Sandra Lemonon: To be happy & help whoever I can, even in a small way. I really appreciate the little things in life.
Vinie Camille DyQuiangco: To have my own foundation catering children. Also to have my own family & still be giving to the needy.

Simple answers you might think but when you are given only 2 sentences to verbalize your life’s ambition, these 4 gals gave meaningful replies. Brevity after all is the soul of wit.
So I am predicting that the winners circle might comprise of these four with either Marah Munoz or Lauren Asuncion completing the top 5. 



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