Miss World Tips for Miss World America, Audra Mari

In support to the lovely half-Filipina Audra Mari competing for Miss World later this year, here are some tips that I thought might be of help for her in the competition.

1. Height is might in Miss World – take full advantage of your height, in recent years, majority of the winners (in the exception of Megan Young) is above 5’7” in height. This means standing a couple of inches further to the front in group shots and standing at the center of the group.
2. Create a personal sense of style – have something unique in your wardrobe that clearly defines you and your personal taste. Since Audra is tall, she can wear almost anything but I suggest staying away from anything that stop below the knees, this style cuts the leg and makes anyone appear short. Go for very long or very short styles.
3. Take every opportunity to speak up – don’t be a wallflower, any opportunity to speak up during the forum/ debate, interviews, public appearances is a chance to create a mark in the competition. But do not be over-aggressive just have enough presence to be felt by the org.
4. Be consistent in your advocacy – your Beauty with a Purpose should reflect your advocacy. Be real in your interest as the BWAP is a major point earner.
5. Be active on social media – have your presence felt and always leave a mark in your Facebook page (since Facebook is where the pageant fans hang out). And do not forget t reply to messages from fans.

Audra being the host country delegate has heavy responsibilities ahead but she should still remain focused in her quest for the title. Can’t wait for the Miss World to be gin and see how she is gonna rock the contest in DC…


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