Mister Universal Ambassador – Sashes&Scripts Leaderboard 1

Here is the first Sashes&Scripts leaderboard of the Mister Universal Ambassador in Bali, Indonesia. These are the candidates that created an early buzz on social media for either their photo-releases, charity work and fan buzz…

1. Spain – Christian Perez Llorente
2. Serbia – Aleksa Gavrilovic
3. Netherlands – Cas Winters
4. Brazil – Marcello Pilotti

5. Dominican Republic – Alejandro Martinez
6. Philippines – Andrea Biondo
7. Australia – Rede Carney
8. Puerto Rico – Eric Manuel Gonzalez

9. Indonesia – Eka Hendra Wijaya
10. Panama – Davis Arguelles
11. Malaysia – Jason Ganesan
12. Bosnia Herzegovina – Sinan Subara
Did your fave/s make it to the first tally? Who will be on the next list?


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