Angelia Ong: The Most Visible Miss Earth Winner

“Since winning, it has really been amazing. We’ve been doing a lot of projects for Miss Earth, partnering with a lot of people and organizations. What really excites me the past few weeks  [are] the travels.”
– Angelia Gabrena Ong, Miss Earth 2015

That was what Miss Earth Angelia Gabrena Ong had to say in an interview with Rappler earlier this year in terms of her projects as the reigning queen. Since winning last December, the 5’8” raven-haired beauty has celebrated numerous milestones:
1. Joined environmental group Ecowaste Coalition and launched the “Iwas-Paputoxic” campaign
2. Hosted the opening ceremony of the Asia-Pacific Forestry Week 2016
3. Led other beauty queens and graced the launching of the “Race to One Million Seedlings” project of the Armed Forces of the Philippines
4. Planted trees to contribute to the 1 million trees target of Derana TV’s “Nature Force” in Sri Lanka
5. Attended & completed the Climate Reality Project Training by environmental leader (and former US Vice-President) Al Gore.

These are aside the countless school drives, tree planting activities and other public appearances she has done in the Philippines and around the world. In each country she visits part of her itinerary are speaking engagements, courtesy calls to political leaders as well as school tours to help educate children on the importance of caring for Mother Nature. As the reigning Miss Earth, Angelia has already traveled to several different countries, namely:
1. Reunion Island
2. Vietnam
3. USA – California, New York, Washington DC & Florida
4. Colombia
5. Sri Lanka
6. Mauritius
7. China
She is also scheduled to visit India and Singapore before turning over her crown to the new Miss Earth on October 29 at the MOA Arena.

If there ever was a true embodiment of an EcoWarrior/ beauty queen that would be Angelia. She has fulfilled her duties with such commitment and passion, despite the difficulties and pressure, she always manage to do her job as Miss Earth with a friendly smile… that is something truly admirable.


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